You Must Check These Things Before Writing an Essay

Are you an MBA student? Then you must have to submit a number of well-researched essays and academic papers during the course of your education program. When it comes to preparing a essay or a research paper, planning the task ahead and executing it efficiently can be the most daunting tasks. Many times, you may doubt the potential of your topic and that may lead to depression. However, you must keep in mind that these thoughts are natural among every student and has nothing to do with reality. Instead, you must stick to your plan and give it your best shot.


A well-written essay is an important part of your MBA program and your overall reputation in the B-School is somewhat dependent on how you present your essay. Nevertheless, most students commit the common mistakes that result in lower grades. In order to keep such problems at bay, we will discuss few ideas and tips that you should be aware of.

What makes a good essay?

What differentiates an effective essay from the rest is that the former never answers any question directly in the form of yes or no. According to the professors at the Harvard University, a straight-cut answer only indicates an opinion, which must not be a constituent of an essay. The topic you choose might be ‘Modern Industrial Revolution in the USA’, which shall feature the evolution of the Silicon Valley. You may want to use statistics, info-graphs and other resources to portray your plan, but you should never use your opinion such as ‘The birth of Facebook was the best thing happened in the Valley’. Using such superlatives such as ‘best’ may seem biased for the professors, as he might think the birth of modern computers is a better achievement for the humankind, without which the Facebook would have been of no use. Therefore, avoid being biased.

Content of an academic paper

Now that you have finalised the topic for your essay, you must also plan the method for its presentation. Many B-Schools have certain regulations that a student has to follow, while others do not have such pre-planned criteria. However, there are certain conventional ways of formatting your essay and the format is listed below:

  • Introduction

Use multiple Sub-Headings

  • Methods

Describe your analytical methods. (How you will prove your point)

  • Results

Use both positive as well as negative findings. (Graphs, Statistical presentations)

  • Discussions

Mention and discuss the patterns observed and figure out what consequences can result from the particular scenario. Make sure that you can predict possibilities of events that may happen in the future.

  • Conclusions

You may choose to discuss the remedies for the problems.

  • References

 Mention all the books, journals and other documents from where you have collected your information. If possible, try to mention the relevant page numbers as well.

Importance of first draft

If you prefer to create an initial draft before starting your final work, you have taken the right route. A draft is similar to a skeleton, without which the stature of the essay cannot be established.  In case you think that your creativity does not perform at its best unless you start writing the final paper, then you are mistaken. The best part of preparing an initial draft is that you can figure out the important sections of the essay that needs to be emphasized upon. Later, you can collect relevant information and make your final draft more informational and objective. When you are preparing your first draft, you must not focus on creating an introduction. You will be astonished to figure out how more ideas come to your mind and your information pool fill up with facts that you did not know before. Many leading researchers recommend that a habit of creating multiple drafts, in fact, improve one’s essay writing skills.

Gather sources

An essay cannot be a strong one unless it has several sources embedded in order to prove its point, without being too biased. Legend has it that, an observation stays a poem unless it is proved using debatable evidences. Great poets used to dream of walking on the moon centuries ago and made poems on their thoughts. Later, when human beings were successful in such a quest, pictures of the feat along with scientific clarifications made the poet’s dream a reality. Preparing a successful MBA essay is similar to the above stated example. Most importantly, make sure that you cross check your sources and verify all the information in order to avoid any serious blunder. You may not want your efforts to go in vain.

Use counterarguments

What the most interesting essays and research works have in common is the presence of a conflict of interest. If you use only a single point of view for proving your observation, then the essay will lose its spark. Would you like to see a baseball game where only one team is playing to win, while the other one is competing to lose? The same things go for your essay. If you are working on the ‘Modern Industrial Revolution’, you should also pay attention to the critics who then thought that the computers would fail and social media sites would not become popular. And then provide the recent statistics on how well these ‘inventions’ are performing. One of the most interesting things in the process is that you do not have to put any word on paper on ‘how you feel about the incident’, but rather the information you shall provide will do the talking.

Be prepared to work hard

The entire MBA program is a challenging task and when it comes to writing a essay, the challenges seem tougher. Successful MBA graduates felt the same, yet they managed to achieve good grades depending on their hard work. Aspiring managers are well aware of the importance of working hard, but they also know when to work smart. You can too, follow their footprints in order to unleash your inner managerial qualities. In case you face difficulties while preparing your essay, you may always ask for online essay writing help. Not only it will save your time, but it will also reduce the pressure off your shoulders.

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What Constitutes Good Academic Writing

Instructors are often faced with a long-standing question of students- How to write well? Well in order to learn that we must ask ourselves what writing constitutes of exactly. And know this much it is far more than merely recording something on a piece of paper or a computer.


• It is a response

Writing in its most basic essence is a way of reacting to something or someone. Though often performed in isolation writing is inherently social as a mode of reaction. And we should also keep in mind that we write with a specific audience in mind and with a purpose. The reader too has expectations often regarding the tone, vocabulary, evidence, genre and maybe even the punctuation of a particular written piece.

• It is linear

Proper grammar, flow or logic is essential for a piece of writing to be comprehended properly. Also, ideas do not necessarily have to arise in the mind in a linear fashion. So often the writer is required to present those ideas in a linear way. Due to this necessity we are prone to fit our choices into clear linear structures while writing down something.

• It is recursive

As we go about the process of writing we are contemplating several sentence structures and vocabulary all at the same time. And we go through our work to ensure that we have maintained coherence and clarity and have presented our ideas in a proper way. This process of revision and refinement forms an important part of expressing oneself.

• It happens to be both the object and the subject

Our writing reveals a lot about our mind, the ability to interconnect ideas and its potency in changing and transforming us as readers. This is especially true when considering writing academically where language serves to express a person

It is also to be noted that the genre or conventions of a paper or any other sort of academic writing serves to determine its size, function as well as the shape. Academic writing is evaluated according to standards of what constitutes to be a good academic paper. The subject or the individual, the idea or the object coexists harmoniously in a good academic paper.

• It is also about decision making

While writing, a writer makes various decisions regarding the writing itself. The process itself constitutes several contradictory elements that go towards making writing an exhilarating and consuming task. Often the result is something the writer himself is unsure about but might grip the reader like nothing else.

• It is a process

Writing is in itself a process that expresses itself through the medium of language. All writers have their own set of choices that determines his writing from his other activities. To put it simply, in some ways we discover what, why and how we believe through the use of words.

Academic Writing is made a challenging task that arouses interest and consists of tasks that are complex, rich in addition to being valuable. And often to unseasoned writers it makes sense to approach a custom writing service for help.

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