Communicate To Persuade Your Professors: Legendary Mantras From David Ogilvy

They say if you want to be an expert professional, better learn from those who have already excelled in your field. And when it comes to marketing and advertising, no one can be a better mentor than the ‘Father of Advertising’, as David Ogilvy is referred to by the researchers. In 1962, the Time magazine labelled Ogilvy as the most important personality in the field of international advertising.


What made Ogilvy such a successful figure? We have analysed his works and philosophies and figured out the fundamentals of marketing that you can too apply to your essay writing process. But before that let us go through his life, upbringing and his travel to the United States, which played an important role behind his success.

David Ogilvy: the beginning

Ogilvy, an Englishman in origin was born on 23 June 1911 at West Horsley. He completed his formal education at Fettes College and then he went to Oxford- later leaving the place without completing his graduation.  He then moved to Paris, France to work at a kitchen (of Hotel Majestic). There he learned an important lesson that he had shared with the world later in his life. He said that knowing when to move away from a particular scenario is an art, which must be developed for the overall welfare and success of any being. After completing his course in Paris, he returned to England where he earned his livelihood selling cooking stoves. He relied on door-to-door sales for getting his work done. Ogilvy’s fortune changed when he migrated to the USA in 1938. 10 years later, in 1948, Ogilvy attempted to make his mark by founding ‘Hewitt, Ogilvy, Benson and Mather’ (later came to be known as ‘Ogilvy and Mather’), an advertising agency based in New York.

Achievements of the Ad Man

Those who knew David called him the ‘original mad man’ who can go far from his comfort zone for making his campaigns successful. Among the assignments that he worked on; as the chairperson of ‘Ogilvy & Mather’ included Lever Brothers, American Express, General Foods, Shell and many more big companies such as the Rolls Royce. Over his course as a professional advertiser, Ogilvy received numerous international recognitions. He was made a commander of the British Empire in 1967, based on his extensive contribution to the field of advertising. The ad man was also included to the US Advertising Hall of Fame and the French Order of Arts and Letters in 1977 and 1990, respectively.

Teachings of the pioneer  

Over the years during the reign of David Ogilvy, he had commented on different advertising and marketing aspects. Those advices were considered extremely valuable during that time. Even today, when the advertising world has changed largely, modern advertisers refer to Ogilvy and his teachings for preparing successful campaigns. In short, Ogilvy’s teachings are timeless and students can take advantage from his wisdom.

Here we discuss the teachings of David Ogilvy that you can implement in your career as well.

  • On creating content

In most cases, copywriters aim to connect to a large group of audience through a single piece of document. According to Ogilvy, this mistake can affect your sales. Ogilvy stated that when reading a document, the reader is all alone and it is the writer’s sole responsibility to be private with the audience. He must be talking to the latter personally, which increases the chances of sales.

David Ogilvy had written a memo for all the advertising executives at the different global branches of his company. There he pointed out the fundamentals that a copywriter must keep in mind before creating marketing content. They are:

  • Recognise the audience
  • Figure out the way your customer thinks
  • Find out what he desires
  • On presentation

Ogilvy was a great advertiser because he understood how to present his ad copies. David emphasised on the importance of a headline for making a story attractive. He said that a person is five times more likely to decide whether to buy a product just by reading its headline as compared to reading the entire body. In the busiest century in history (21st), this insight from the father of marketing cannot be avoided if you want to gain customer attention.

Here are few headlines written by Ogilvy during his lifetime:

  • At 60 miles an hour the loudest noise in this new Rolls Royce comes from the electric clock
  • How to tour the USA for £35 a week
  • It’s a mutiny to mix a Gin and Tonic without Schweppes!
  • On persuasion

Ogilvy states that persuading your customer is largely dependent on the words and language you use for writing your ad copy. He preferred to research the various aspects of his client base on how they talked and what they talked, which enabled Ogilvy to connect better with them and in the end, make a sale. You can too, use certain terminologies to attract your professor and prove your assignment to be relevant to your education program. According to David, there are certain fundamentals that a copywriter must keep in mind for mastering the art of persuasion. They are:

  • Extensive research about the customer’s preference
  • Information strengthens the chances of persuasion
  • Answer questions that none of your competitors one answer
  • Make the ad copy look less like one. Instead, make it look more like an editorial. This will lead the reader to stop and read the document.


During his course as an advertising professional, David Ogilvy had played an important role behind the success of different brands that have later gained popularity on the world stage. We hope these evergreen insights from the greatest advertiser of all time will be helpful. The next time you are working on your MBA assignments, use the wisdom for persuading your professor to offer you better grades.   Always remember the following statement,

If you can’t advertise yourself, what hope do you have of advertising anything else?

– David Ogilvy


Must Read Books for Managers to Learn Financial Planning

Every MBA student should be proficient in financial planning. It is very important to learn to manage ones finances effectively. So, here is a video of the best books for financial planning that will help to plan your finance like a true professional.

  • Start With Why by Simon Sinek– It is a favorite of modern entrepreneurs; this book focuses on what business owners do and the reason behind it. People usually do no buy what the business does but instead buy into why they do it.
  • Gen-Savvy Financial Advisor by Cam Marston– This book analyzes the application of research based conclusions made on the three biggest generations in context of financial advisory firms. This short read is ideal for firms which are aiming to target clients outside their usual demographic.
  • Decisive: How to Make Better Choices in Life and Work by Heath Brothers– It takes a closer look at our decision making process. It focuses on the silly mistakes we make because of the way our brains are configured.
  • The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg– This behavioral-finance book is highly recommended by financial advisors for people who want to know about how to make something into a habit. It details the various steps involved in a habit loop.

These are the most highly recommended books to learn financial planning. For more valuable suggestions, news and help with MBA assignments and essay writing services visit us at:

Top Five College Essay Writing Tips


The most important parameters US colleges use to determine the candidature of aspiring students are based on the following three criteria:

The first depends on the student’s previous performance or past course works. This is usually determined with your college preparatory works and grade point average also known as GPA.

The SAT or ACT which are the standardized test scores are the most respected ones which are also used as a criterion to evaluate student candidature in USA. The third and probably the most important assessment tool that gives a firsthand view of the candidate’s abilities is the college application essay.

The college application essay is also the best chance a student ill get to make a lasting impression on the admission officer and set themselves apart from the crowd. You need to throw the chart off and prove that basic stats are not always the right marker for determining the worth of a unique mind – your mind.

In this article we will share five tips of winners which will help you to write the winning college application essay.

Tip #1 what is going on the minds of college admission officers, understand their psychology

You want to let the admission officers that you will be asset to the college or university. You must project that you will meet the needs of the university by being an exemplary student and bring honor and be successful in your pursuits. But keep in mind that the definition of success and honor will vary depending on the nature of the university and the people associated with the administration. So, before you begin writing your essay take some time to reflect on how you can prove to your admission officers to have a positive impact on their institution. Think about your long-term goals and also how plan to contribute to the educational experience for the other students in the same journey with you.

Tip #2 what are your essay goals?

Now that you have thought about the broader picture it is time to zoom-in to the essay in hand and think about the near-term goals that the essay must achieve. To evaluate you have touched all the bases, see if you have demonstrated a similar job role or a relevant experience, the clubs or organizations you participate or associate yourself with and how they are relevant to the subject or the institute, did you truly express leadership and teamwork through your essay, how much compassion and community-responsibility shows through your essay and have you highlighted personal growth well enough.

Tip #3 how do you plan to contribute to the university

Highlight how you will be able to contribute to enrich the university while learning. It is a goal of the admission department to choose students who will be able to give back to the college by enhancing the experience of others during the academic journey. An important part of the educational experience is to broaden the experience of others. If you are bringing something exotic to the table, highlight the community and culture that you hail from. For colleges new is good.

Tip #4 separate yourself from the noise

This is where you need to put on your strategic hat and set yourself different from the factory ‘packaged goods’. If you are an international student then instead of being blunt and stating that you are not from around here, instead mention the strengths of your culture, but make sure you do not go on reiterating the same things over and over again as it may offend the admission officers. More than the fact that you are from a different land and culture, you are a complete human being with a life full of cherished experiences and a creative mind, let the sparks flow.

Tip #5 when writing details, are your best friend

Think about your favorite fictional books? What made them so special apart from the story that might have been very relatable to you? The main reason that all good books seem so relatable is the reason that they have a very detailed description of how things are in the story. After all how will you get the scoop if the author only touches the main points superficially? This is why even when you tell the admission officer about a certain experience, keep it interesting with some relatable yet interesting details that we all go through but are tiny nuances that only a wallflower catches a glimpse of.

Find more such interesting tips and academic writing help visit Management Paper and pass your MBA with ease.

A Few Words about Winning Essay Conclusions

A-Few-Words-about-Winning-Essay-ConclusionsThe conclusion of an essay serves to restate the primary argument that was placed forth in the essay itself. It seeks to remind the reader the argument’s strength and repeats the evidence that is primarily supports the argument. However be careful enough to avoid repetition as it robs much of the sting out of your argument. Taking the discipline in which the essay is being written in to consideration, you can also contemplate on reflecting about the evidence of your thesis. Consider pondering over the following points:

Issues To Be Dealt With In The Conclusion

  • How Significant are your findings?
  • How do your conclusions fit in to the broader picture?
  • Is there any limitation to the approach taken by you?
  • What are the other relevant factors that affect the topic but fall outside the purview of the essay penned by you?
  • Is there any suggestion that you would like to make for researchers in the future

The Nature of the Conclusion

The conclusion should serve as a natural complement that matches the introduction from the point of view of the presented ideas and the argument set forth in the body of the essay. In certain cases it is not unlikely to find that the writing process has breathed into your essay a life of its own as the arguments have been diverted from what you had in mind initially. If this is the case you need to paraphrase and rewrite the introduction. Lastly do not use the conclusion as launching grounds of new ideas as well as information. They are best left in the body of the Essay.

A Short Cut

If you are the sort who finds himself pressed for time then you might want to consider resources in online essay help.

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How to Fight Sleep While Writing Assignments


In an impeccable universe, I would start each assignment writing work day with nine hours’ rest, a cup of espresso, not anything on my work routine, and a tender shower to keep me away from pondering over going outside. I would have an unmistakably shaped thought, a perfect framework, and a few unbroken hours to work.

Mulling over writing assignments when you would rather not is a standout amongst the most essential abilities you can ever develop as a student. Anybody can compose when they are feeling fine and the dream has quite recently hit them between the eyes like a thunderstroke from Elysium. Be that as it may, there will be days when each syllable is similar to a fistfight in the back alleys with an out of control vagabond. That is the point at which your guts truly get tried and you wish you had an assignment writing help service that you could turn to.

Great propensities are anything but difficult to assemble when there are not any impediments in your way, yet it is a flawed universe, and obstructions happen. So what do you do when you are feeling excessively drowsy however regardless you need, making it impossible to get words down on the page?

The package to motivate you

How about we get the simple one off the path? You need stimulants. Soak up caffeine in different structures. Take a vitamin pill. Drink an entire tumbler of squeezed orange. Some simulated incitement can now and again land you through the position; providing it does not further trade off your wellbeing.

Grasp the restlessness

Those who love to write adore romanticizing the picture of the tipsy creator who makes his or her perfect works of art while crushed. Why not do likewise for the regular confusion brought on by exhaustion, sinus clog, or having quite recently gulped down a whole container of Robitussin? Let your ambiguity be your aide. Compose whatever goes to your poor confounded mind. Some of it may wind up much more usable than you might suspect.

Try something else instead

On the off chance that your condition and your soul are not permitting you to take a shot at your picked magnum opus while half-dead, take a shot at something else. Begin something new and unrealistic. Attempt your hand at messy haiku. You may not make anything perpetual, but rather composing is composing. It is important sometime to give youself consent to fail. That goes twofold for when you are wiped out.

Work relentlessly in it

Write in this dopey, sleep inducing state. It may appear to be unthinkable, however bizarre and heavenly things can happen when you stay at your console longer than you ought to. Let yourself keep running off the street of your page, your head overwhelming and your eyes scarcely open. There may be something in you simply sitting tight for some absence of consideration, for you to let your protections down, for a minute simply like this and contemplate hiring the services of a assignment writing help.

Toss it out

A great deal of students I know abhor hurling out anything they type. Their words are similar to their valuable children, the essence of their extreme soul. Why not take a wiped out day from your very much manicured mental issues? Clatter off a free-write and afterward shred it. Blast out a wild, mixed up blog entry and after that erase it. Fall profoundly out of affection with your words for one day. Reflect on impermanence while you listen to music at top volume. Turn your anger on your work. You can make up with it tomorrow.

Acknowledge that what you are composing now most likely would not be your best, and potentially in the running for your most exceedingly bad. Simply keep in mind that you have done something better than doing nothing. Certainly, you may take a gander at what you composed a couple of days from now and hurl it out in disdain. Or possibly not. In any case, you put pen to paper and did it, notwithstanding when you would not like to. You should be proud of it.

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