Should I say “write my essay for me”?


When do students say – “write my essay for me” and why? Also what can you as a student hope to find out from a service that takes money for doing your assignments? Before we begin we must clarify that we do want to sugar coat what we do, we write essays, term papers, academic assignments and dissertations and theses for students. To be more precise we specifically cater to management students. Students who have enrolled themselves at MBA colleges and are majoring in management or marketing or finance, economics and HR, these are the subjects we specialize in and work on.

But speaking of this cottage industry that has developed on grounds of writing assignments, we snooped a fair share on the name of market research and thought we might share our finding with you. So, let us break it down.

What happens when you enter write my essay for me in Google?

We typed in the above mentioned words and saw a plethora of search results of websites all offering great deals and discounts to write essays at competitive prices. All of them have a copy paste model (ironically enough!) that says that they can give students the best essays at competitive prices with zero plagiarism, completely unique content custom written with impeccable use of grammar and language.

But do they really fulfill all the things they say? Apparently not, we tested most of the leading services by placing orders with them pretending to be students. And the results we got were disappointing to say the least. While some of them according to our Quality Assessment Department could fetch you a ‘C’ in your long overdue paper which was just too huge and boring to complete within the deadline. But most of us failed as per our quality standards.

Now we know what you are thinking while reading this –“these guys are only trying to say that they are ones I should choose to do my essay for me and have found a smart way to get their message through”. We do not deny that we are trying to say exactly that, but being academic writers ourselves, we have this claim backed with research and proper referencing.

We do not promise you round the year discounts on complex topics and essays. But we do guarantee that we will not compromise the quality in the rush. We are doing quite well in this cottage industry of which we are the pioneers and our writers are always with projects to do in their hands. But being former Ivy League MBAs ourselves, we know that the right managers always keep their moral compass in check. So do we, we are doing this for the greater good of the academic world. Managers must possess practical skills and not just theoretical knowledge. We strive to keep our clients free so that they practice their management skill instead of simply writing 20 page long essays about them.

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