Top Five College Essay Writing Tips


The most important parameters US colleges use to determine the candidature of aspiring students are based on the following three criteria:

The first depends on the student’s previous performance or past course works. This is usually determined with your college preparatory works and grade point average also known as GPA.

The SAT or ACT which are the standardized test scores are the most respected ones which are also used as a criterion to evaluate student candidature in USA. The third and probably the most important assessment tool that gives a firsthand view of the candidate’s abilities is the college application essay.

The college application essay is also the best chance a student ill get to make a lasting impression on the admission officer and set themselves apart from the crowd. You need to throw the chart off and prove that basic stats are not always the right marker for determining the worth of a unique mind – your mind.

In this article we will share five tips of winners which will help you to write the winning college application essay.

Tip #1 what is going on the minds of college admission officers, understand their psychology

You want to let the admission officers that you will be asset to the college or university. You must project that you will meet the needs of the university by being an exemplary student and bring honor and be successful in your pursuits. But keep in mind that the definition of success and honor will vary depending on the nature of the university and the people associated with the administration. So, before you begin writing your essay take some time to reflect on how you can prove to your admission officers to have a positive impact on their institution. Think about your long-term goals and also how plan to contribute to the educational experience for the other students in the same journey with you.

Tip #2 what are your essay goals?

Now that you have thought about the broader picture it is time to zoom-in to the essay in hand and think about the near-term goals that the essay must achieve. To evaluate you have touched all the bases, see if you have demonstrated a similar job role or a relevant experience, the clubs or organizations you participate or associate yourself with and how they are relevant to the subject or the institute, did you truly express leadership and teamwork through your essay, how much compassion and community-responsibility shows through your essay and have you highlighted personal growth well enough.

Tip #3 how do you plan to contribute to the university

Highlight how you will be able to contribute to enrich the university while learning. It is a goal of the admission department to choose students who will be able to give back to the college by enhancing the experience of others during the academic journey. An important part of the educational experience is to broaden the experience of others. If you are bringing something exotic to the table, highlight the community and culture that you hail from. For colleges new is good.

Tip #4 separate yourself from the noise

This is where you need to put on your strategic hat and set yourself different from the factory ‘packaged goods’. If you are an international student then instead of being blunt and stating that you are not from around here, instead mention the strengths of your culture, but make sure you do not go on reiterating the same things over and over again as it may offend the admission officers. More than the fact that you are from a different land and culture, you are a complete human being with a life full of cherished experiences and a creative mind, let the sparks flow.

Tip #5 when writing details, are your best friend

Think about your favorite fictional books? What made them so special apart from the story that might have been very relatable to you? The main reason that all good books seem so relatable is the reason that they have a very detailed description of how things are in the story. After all how will you get the scoop if the author only touches the main points superficially? This is why even when you tell the admission officer about a certain experience, keep it interesting with some relatable yet interesting details that we all go through but are tiny nuances that only a wallflower catches a glimpse of.

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What Constitutes Good Academic Writing

Instructors are often faced with a long-standing question of students- How to write well? Well in order to learn that we must ask ourselves what writing constitutes of exactly. And know this much it is far more than merely recording something on a piece of paper or a computer.


• It is a response

Writing in its most basic essence is a way of reacting to something or someone. Though often performed in isolation writing is inherently social as a mode of reaction. And we should also keep in mind that we write with a specific audience in mind and with a purpose. The reader too has expectations often regarding the tone, vocabulary, evidence, genre and maybe even the punctuation of a particular written piece.

• It is linear

Proper grammar, flow or logic is essential for a piece of writing to be comprehended properly. Also, ideas do not necessarily have to arise in the mind in a linear fashion. So often the writer is required to present those ideas in a linear way. Due to this necessity we are prone to fit our choices into clear linear structures while writing down something.

• It is recursive

As we go about the process of writing we are contemplating several sentence structures and vocabulary all at the same time. And we go through our work to ensure that we have maintained coherence and clarity and have presented our ideas in a proper way. This process of revision and refinement forms an important part of expressing oneself.

• It happens to be both the object and the subject

Our writing reveals a lot about our mind, the ability to interconnect ideas and its potency in changing and transforming us as readers. This is especially true when considering writing academically where language serves to express a person

It is also to be noted that the genre or conventions of a paper or any other sort of academic writing serves to determine its size, function as well as the shape. Academic writing is evaluated according to standards of what constitutes to be a good academic paper. The subject or the individual, the idea or the object coexists harmoniously in a good academic paper.

• It is also about decision making

While writing, a writer makes various decisions regarding the writing itself. The process itself constitutes several contradictory elements that go towards making writing an exhilarating and consuming task. Often the result is something the writer himself is unsure about but might grip the reader like nothing else.

• It is a process

Writing is in itself a process that expresses itself through the medium of language. All writers have their own set of choices that determines his writing from his other activities. To put it simply, in some ways we discover what, why and how we believe through the use of words.

Academic Writing is made a challenging task that arouses interest and consists of tasks that are complex, rich in addition to being valuable. And often to unseasoned writers it makes sense to approach a custom writing service for help.

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