The Smartphone MBA from the London School of Marketing


In a pioneering effort the LSM or London School of Marketing has unveiled what it terms as the first MBA course in the world that goes beyond mere access through smartphones but to actually study on them. The course makes use of an online platform which lets students directly access tutors and materials related to their learning through any mobile devices which would let them study regardless of the time and location.

LSM is a preferred educational destination for large numbers of oversees students and the initiative was launched to cater to a growing audience that wishes to study while being on the move and fit the process of learning around the  mundane tasks of their daily lives. The courses currently being offered in this medium focus on Business Studies with a MBA, a Masters and 2 undergraduate courses being offered on the same subject.

Access points have been set up at cities and towns across the world where students are able to study together and share their work. According to Anton Dominique who happens to be the CFO of LSM the approach of blended learning adopted by them provides students with the best of both worlds. The students of such courses are free to select the time and place of their study. Smartphones are ubiquitous in their presence and their ability to learning while on the go only serves to maximize the productivity of their time.

 The program has already managed to engage hundreds of students who have signed up for the courses. In addition, the course has also been able to attract the attention of 61 International Business Development Partners of repute from all over the globe International students especially are attracted towards the concept as many of them seek to work while being in office.

This mode of blended learning lets students who live overseas and are reluctant to part with good jobs and shift to the UK in order to further enhance their qualifications. The program has been a resounding success among students belonging to the developing world who are typically professionals with good jobs and are unwilling to give up the same for higher education.

Another hindrance to such courses is the expenses associated with studying in UK in order to upgrade their qualification. With offering from the London School of marketing, these students are able to continue their work and study simultaneously with all the flexibility that comes with blended courses and to top it all they get a degree from a well known university in the UK.

As the folks at LSM reveal the market for e-learning in developing have boomed over the course of the recent past from £20 billion in the year 2010 to £70 billion in 2015.

We may end this post with the observation that Education should remain accessible for all and this intuitive only serves as a one step forward in that direction.

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